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For the complete equipment of a conference hall or a congress centre, it is important to select suitable and functional conference furnishing. Conference tables (benches) of suitable size, made of strong and lightened materials, completed with foldable legs so that they can be transferred easily from one place to another and stored in a compact package; compact and comfortable conference chairs, upholstered with inflammable materials and having enlightened sound and steady legs and arm rests; lecturers’ and conference desks with classical or state-of-the art design, with a possibility for individual branding and integration of logo.

Congress Engineering offers the full range of high-quality conference furniture required to equip the conference hall, congress centre of training room.

Conference chairs

Conference Furniture

Conference Chairs Made of Wood and Plastic

Upholstered Conference Chairs

Options and Accessories

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Conference tables

Conference Furniture

Conference Tables (Tables of Bench Type)

Tables made of chipboard with foldable legs for conference halls.

  • Metal foldable structure – powder coated.
  • Chipboard table top of 30 mm.
  • Possibility to reinforce the tabletop with additional elements for the bigger sizes.
  • Rubber side edges. On the one part, the rubber edge protects the table from damages during its transportation, and on the other, it provides protection against penetration of moisture in the structure of the table top.

Conference Lecterns and Lecturers Desks

Conference Furniture

Classic Conference Desks

The classic desks are completely mobile and easy to use. The low weight and the compact sizes of the desk enable its easy and quick moving from one room to another as well as their transportation without any transportation even by a car. The use of this type of desks allows you to make presentations easily and without any problems without any need to be devoid of the convenience of a desk.

Upholstered Conference Desks

Prepared according to an individual design, this type of desks is extremely suitable to be used in hotels and congress centres with trademarks and style by adding weight and feeling of ceremoniousness and seriousness of the event. The chairs can be created in different forms and allow different level of equipment with special presentation, monitoring and microphone systems. For additional effect and underlining of form, special highlighted details and hidden lighting could be used.

Modern Conference Desks

The impressive conference desks are state-of-the art solution enabling the skillful combination of comfort, refinement and futuristic modern design. Created as a combination of different non-standard materials and rich in regards to space forms, this type of desks is the pearl of a modern and state-of-the-art stage.

Дизайнерски ефектни мебели

Conference Furniture