Organisation of Conferences and Events

Конгрес Инженеринг може да предложи акуратни и професионални услуги във всеки стадий от организацията на едно събитие:

For Your Event:

Event Preparation, Planning and Course

Event organisation

Congress Engineering is a proven, reliable and loyal partner of many leading companies in the overall organization of various events. Experience has taught us to listen carefully to our customers, while our innovative approach allows us to act creatively in any situation. At the organization of an event, we have the capacity and ability to make a site for registration, confirmation of participation and payment of participation fee.

Our design department can make attractive advertisement slides, while our excellent animation team can provide your tailor-made animation that will distinguish you from any competition.

Congress Engineering offers media campaign planning and management, preparation of media lists and invitations for journalists, preparation and posting of PR materials, assistance in organizing interviews and media participation. Our team undertakes the comprehensive management of all these components, as well as coordination of the tasks, control of the execution, financial management and processing of the paid services, periodic meetings with the participants in the relevant event, the preparation of the participants and the rehearsals, on-the-spot event management – registration and coordination, coffee breaks, working lunches, official cocktails and dinners. After the end of an event we always make a detailed analysis and assess the work done.

Your Event Website

We offer a custom-made website for your event. On the one hand, it has representative and informative functions, while on the other it is a useful tool at the registration of visitors and the sale of tickets. You only have to provide introductory information (text), photos (if you don’t have them we will find something appropriate for the case :)), as well as elements from your brand (logo, additional graphics, slogans, etc.).

  • Option for large full screen photos in header
  • Option for animated text messages in header
  • Video uploading – as a link or video file
  • Appropriate visual presentation of speakers
  • Presentation of sponsors
  • Appropriate visual presentation of agenda by days and hours
  • Opportunity for registration of visitors
  • Ticket sales, options for various types – single (for a specific lecture, a specific day, an event), general (at a discount) for the entire event. Payments – by bank card, by bank transfer
  • Indication of location with Google map and all kinds of contacts

Hall Choice and Booking

Event organisation

The right place is a key component in the organization of your event and we are well aware of this fact. Congress Engineering has years of experience and extremely familiar with the conference halls in this country. Thanks to the enormous number of events of various types we organize every day, we have up-to-date information about the appropriate halls and locations for any event. Our company is ready to provide assistance at meeting, transportation and accommodation of guests and delegates across the country.

Our team can offer you the most appropriate hall, hotel or restaurant to ensure your event will be a successful and prestigious one, and you and your guests will be comfortable and at ease.

Rental of Equipment and Conference Services

Event organisation

Congress Engineering is a leading company on the Bulgarian market offering a full range of professional technical equipment for servicing events of various character.

The company’s rental department has a warehouse with high quality world standard equipment entirely synchronized with EU requirements. With this we organize international congresses, forums and seminars, discussions and roundtables, audio and video presentations, annual meetings, shareholder meetings, business meetings and training courses, company and Christmas parties, official opening and award ceremonies, cocktails, galas, parties, musical performances and audio for bands, reviews, exhibitions and many others.

  • Equipment for simultaneous interpreting
  • Microphone discussion systems
  • Sound systems
  • Tour guide systems
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Mobile screens
  • Video equipment
  • Video streaming
  • Hologram imaging
  • Audio and video conference systems
  • Voting systems
  • Computer equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Presentation equipment
  • Lighting
  • Construction of trusses and structures
  • Event audio and video recording
  • Photographing by photographer and album making
  • Video recording by professional operator
  • Technical team during the event

Event Design

Event organisation

Several steps lead to the success of an event. The first and obligatory part of the job is a comprehensive concept. The more time we have for this part of the job the easier it will be for us in the following stages. We consider innovation as an opportunity to combine several important things in one – we pinpoint where the idea of the event, the identity of the brand and the opportunities for experience meet. We know that the success of your event is a success for your brand. That is why we do not spare ideas or time and we always try to offer a unique concept, as well as to organize the most memorable experiences for each event.

  • Stage design
  • See your event tomorrow today
  • 2D scale model
  • 3D visualization and 3D video material
  • Decoration
  • Graphic and web design
  • Print and prepress
  • Branding
  • Scenario and direction

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation, Written Translation

Event organisation

Congress Engineering works with a wide range of professional translators for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. The company can offer translation from more than 20 languages. For each event with international participation, regardless of whether simultaneous interpretation of one or several languages is needed, we will provide the best translators according to the subject matter. Congress Engineering has professional booths for simultaneous translation for two to six translators per booth. We can provide up to 32 channel simultaneous interpretation for even the largest event on international level.

If you need written translation, quality service and are pressed by time, then Congress Engineering can be the answer to your requirements within the shortest deadlines. We can undertake the translation of your conference documentation and can also legalize the necessary documents.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Chuchotage
  • Written translation

Conference Furniture and Equipment

Event organisation

After you have the right hall, the next obligatory condition for a successful event is the choice of appropriate conference equipment. Congress Engineering can offer conference tables –(banks) of appropriate dimensions, made of sturdy and lightweight materials, complete with folding legs so they can be easily transported from one place to another and stored compactly; compact and comfortable conference chairs, upholstered with non-combustible materials and lightweight and durable legs and armrests; lecture and conference departments with classic or modern design, with the possibility of individual branding and logo integration.

  • Conference tables
  • Conference chairs
  • Classic lecturer desks
  • Branded lecturer desks
  • Presidium armchairs
  • Presidium designer chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Small presidium tables
  • Glowing tables
  • Glowing chairs
  • Stools
  • Glowing bars with option for integrated vision

Catering services

Event organisation

Congress Engineering will gladly recommend the most suitable catering company to offer a menu tailored to the form of the event, whether indoor or outdoor. Services will be provided at the venue – reception, wardrobe, accommodation, organization of food and beverage tastings. A personal chef or bartender will be at your disposal for preparing and serving food and drinks. You can order “delicious presents” for the participants, and we will take care of everything from the idea to the execution to being sent or delivered.

If you’ve ever attended an official event or wedding, and days after that you can not forget the incredible bites or the taste of the cake, then you well understand the need for good catering. This is not simply preparing and serving food, but the final touch to creating a memorable and successful event. Thus food becomes an essential element of the experience.

Catering seems like something quite clear – the preparation and serving of food. This is really the basic idea, but there is something else. Catering is a service that delivers food to a place other than the usual – conference hall, event centre, outdoor events, bar and more.

When most people say ‘catering’ they mean serving food and smiling waiters around the buffet. The catering expert is the one who not only has to know how to prepare the food but also to make it irresistible. The catering service offers the entire range of related services for an event: not only the food, but also the decoration of the tables, the floral arrangements, accessories and lighting.

Thus food becomes part of the overall vision. Good-looking food plays directly on the senses – sight, taste, smell, sensation – but it is also essential in a perfectly organized event. Catering satisfies the senses, while the overall setting makes the event unforgettable and special.

Video and photo shooting

Event organisation

Успехът на едно събитие е значително по-дълготраен, ако то бъде качествено заснето. Конгрес Инженеринг разполага с висок клас фото- и видео оборудване и професионални талантливи видео оператори, монтажисти и фотографи. Фирмата предлага професионално видео заснeмане, пост обработка и създаване на корпоративни, архивни и рекламни филми.

Video Streaming

Event organisation

ВАШЕТО СЪБИТИЕ НА ЖИВО!  Днес във века на мобилните технологии и високите обороти е все по-трудно човек да бъде на дадено място за дълго. Това обаче не означава, че важните събития трябва да бъдат пропускани! Излъчването на вашето събитие онлайн и в реално време никога не е било по-лесно.

After the End of the Official Part

Event organisation

Fun is an integral and essential part of every event. Congress Engineering can offer support for a more enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere with appropriate music layout and DJ services. The feeling generated by acoustic performances accompanying a cocktail is unforgettable and why not live performances by popular musicians? The right selection of artistic programs for special moments also provides additional flavour. The colour of any special event is in the variety of balloons and decoration. The moment of goodbyes is among the most memorable final moments when the guests receive the pre-prepared gifts for each before they leave.

Beyond the Event Itself

Event organisation

Any larger event begins and ends with a transfer of participants and hotel accommodation. Congress Engineering has its own fleet and qualified professional drivers. The company can arrange and organize the transportation necessary for its employees and the equipment needed.

The company offers transfers for guests of the event, transport of delegates, lecturers and specialists with luxury vehicles. The available company transport allows simultaneous servicing of multiple events. The services we offer also include organizing excursions and choosing guides, musical, artistic, cultural and entertainment programs as well as transport and logistics of all the equipment.

The cargo and passenger vehicles owned by Congress Engineering are of a high class Mercedes-Benz brand that gives our customers extra peace of mind and confidence that the ordered equipment will arrive on time for the event and their guests will travel comfortably, in the mood and condition for successful work.

We work as part of our customer’s team.
Whether you choose only the element you need or you will trust us for the overall planning and implementation of your event, we will give you the time and attention you need to feel comfortable and secure during the big day.