Discussion microphone systems

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The discussion microphone systems are the only professional solution for quality and comfortable layout of microphones required for discussions and round tables, meetings with multiple delegates and lecturers and official front tables and presidiums.

These systems eliminate the need of installation of multiple cables and use of voluminous and inconvenient audio-mixing consoles. Thus the risks from unwanted feedbacks and microphonics are eliminated. The use of quality microphone systems and the correctly planned number of microphone consoles are a key factor for achievement of comfortable environment for the participants in the discussion. It is important to bear in mind also who will work with the installed equipment – the systems offered by us are envisaged to work faultlessly, after the initial adjustment, without any need of permanent presence of qualified operator. Once installed and adjusted by a specialist of ours, the equipment will work in the best way, without any need of permanent adjustments and configuration.

Congress Engineering offers design and assembly of professional discussion systems for small conference halls, discussion halls of average size and big conference halls with multiple participants.

The discussion systems offered by Congress Engineering are completely digital, with integrated modules for control of the discussion for elimination of the microphonics and built-in automatic modules for making digital audio recording. Such systems are intelligent solution for automatic restriction of the number of active delegates, which preserves the clarity of speech, eliminates the unwanted noises in the room and sets consistency in discussion. The systems have also chairman’s microphone consoles with enhanced functions and priority button.

The microphone consoles of the discussion systems dispose of built-in loudspeakers directed towards to the delegate. This loud speaker allows in some cases the system to be used without any need of additional sound in the discussion hall.

BOSCH Wired Discussion Systems

They impress with their simplicity and ease of use, however they are equipped with the most advanced technological innovations. The compact discussion system is easy for adjustment and use. However, it provides enhanced functions and exclusive flexibility, which make it ideal solution for any meeting and conference halls. It provides excellent speech indelibility due to the built-in digital module for elimination of the micrtophonics.

BOSCH Wireless Discussion Systems

The innovative wireless conference systems use state-of-the-art technologies in the Wi-Fi standards and Smart Wireless control to guarantee wireless connection without any disturbances. Designed as the most flexible systems, they enable quick and easy adjustment both for small meetings and big conferences.