Tour Guide Systems

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Globally, there are many manufacturers of such systems. The only professional solution is the LISTEN and JTS systems.

No matter where you are – in a theatre, court, classroom, ceremonial hall, lecture-hall, at a business meeting, in a stadium or you attend any other sports event – you would like to hear every word, every instant. Congress Engineering offers the best tour guide systems in their field. They are easy to use and represent a convenient wireless sound solution for everybody wanting to heat everything without missing even a single sound of a particular event.


Tour Guide Systems

LISTEN (Stationary System)

The tour guide system consists of stationary RF transmitter and wireless RF receivers. Some of them are of fixed frequency, and others are programmable. When you equip the room with wireless receiver, you provide to participants full freedom to move and at the same time listen to the presenter or the lecturer. The high-quality and comfortable radio receiver works at frequency of 863 MHz and has the possibility to offer up to 17 broadband and 40 narrowband channels. Because of this, the tour guide system turns into popular choice for creation or expansion of a sound system. There is a possibility to work both with stereo and mono earphones. The LCD display ensures to each user a choice of channel, level of battery and information about the volume of the signal, and a light diode in the upper part of each receiver shows the status of the power supply and the status of the battery.

LISTEN (Mobile System)

The wireless tour guide system consists of mobile RF transmitter and mobile RF receivers. Some of the receivers and programmable and are completely suitable for a wide range of applications.
The RF transmitter, no matter whether it transmits voice or music, provides clear and reliable signal to be used in environment without additional synchronization installed. The wireless audio device is easily used in case of events in the open air, class rooms, during tours around a factory, in training premises, etc.


Tour Guide Systems

JTS (Mobile System)

The JTS tour guide system is modern, lightened, mobile and extremely innovative. It is easy to both use and transport. It is completely suitable to be used both in the open air and in premises covering a distance of up to 60 m between the receiver and the transmitter. It disposes of 16 pieces of fixed channels. Each console is supplied by a Lithium battery, which provides longer work of the devices. The transmitter is with built-in condenser microphone allowing direct speaking without any need to use additional external microphone. Every console has a LED display where the selected channel is displayed.