Video Equipment

For rent

Congress Engineering offers the full range of leased professional video equipment.
In order to serve events, we offer the highest class of professional video equipment – professional and mini video cameras, high class of stands, platforms for video operators, drones and action video cameras, video recorders and players, professional TV monitors, monitors for construction of video walls, video mixers and preview monitors, video walls and LED video walls, special video projection systems, video modulation and processing, video conferencing systems.

TV and Professional Monitors

Rich colours, Full HD and 4K resolution. Professional borderless monitors with possibility to build up a video wall and different configurations.

High-class Video Cameras and Stands

Professional video cameras and action cameras of high resolution. Professional stands, drones and constructing of platforms for video operators.

Special Video Systems

System for creation of panoramic images, 3D, mapping and spatial projections. Systems of video processing and video overlaying.

LED Video Wall

LED video wall of new generation of high resolution and adjustable b rightness. Possibility for construction in the shape of a curve thanks to the LED Curved technology.