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Specialized Professional Translation

Any event requiring specialized translation presupposes people specialized in various spheres: economy, technologies, medicine, culture, law and the sciences. For over ten years, Congress Engineering has been working with recognized professional translators and has always selected them in a way that their specialization corresponds to the subject of the events. The choice of the translator required guarantees a smooth progress of events and quality transfer of information to the audience. Specialized translations are an obligatory and ever-present factor in the success of any event. The company offers professional translators for all types of interpreting and written translation.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous (or synchronous) interpretation is a kind of real-time oral interpretation. It is usually provided by at least two interpreters as it is essentially the most responsible translation because of the tense work conditions. At the same time, it is also the most appropriate form of interpretation for international conferences, seminars, symposia and congresses, as well as PR events. Simultaneous interpretation allows what is spoken to be interpreted simultaneously in many languages and is particularly appropriate for multi-lingual events with participants from different countries. The nature of work requires translators trained to operate with the specialized equipment, as well as the relevant soundproof booths, audio feed, microphones and so on.

congress_engineering_interpreterSimultaneous interpretation is the best professional solution for international conferences because it eliminates the language barrier. Each delegate is offered a set of headphones and a remote receiver offering a choice of the desired language so that the relevant participant will not feel restricted to move around the hall and will be able to take an active part in the discussions and presentations.

Congress Engineering offers professional soundproof booths for simultaneous interpretation and high-quality equipment allowing translation to up to 32 channels. The company has equipped technically numerous international conferences and events organized according to EU and European Commission requirements, providing professional teams and booths for three or more interpreters.

Consecutive Interpretation

This type of interpreting is known as translation with pause. In other words, if the speaker speaks for 5 minutes, the same amount of time should be planned for the interpreter to translate it. Consecutive interpretation does not require specialized equipment, but it should be born in mind that it doubles the duration of the event. The translators can be one or two, depending on the nature of the event. Consecutive interpretation or interpretation with pause is recommended for short seminars and presentations, business meetings, PR events and the like.


Essentially, accompanying is not typical translation. Rather, it is a specific form of assistance. It is most frequently used at large seminars involving numerous meetings or additional discussions out of the hall of the event, at events coupled with visits of concrete sites – industrial zones, historical landmarks and the like, professional rounds or trips, accommodation of foreigners, business meetings and similar situations. The accompanying person is required not only to be familiar with the language but also with the location, the concrete circumstances and the subject field in which the guest is interested.


A special kind of simultaneous interpretation appropriate for events where a small group of participants do not understand the working language. In this case, the interpreter is located directly alongside to the group and whispers the interpretation to allow the smooth work of the other people present. This type of translation, too, does not require specialized equipment, but it is important to provide appropriate microphones for all speakers and delegates, as well as quality sound equipment of the premises.

Written Translation

Regardless of whether it is a matter of personal or company documents, business correspondence, advertisement or specialized technical, medical or legal translation, the need of written translation is greater than ever in today’s dynamic and cosmopolitan world. Time-limits in the dynamic business environment are becoming increasingly shorter and uncompromising quality and precision are a basic requirement. That is why in written translation it is extremely important to specify the tiniest details so that the customer may receive it on time and of the necessary quality.

The choice of the appropriate translator is the most important decision in a written translation project. Depending on the specific features of the document, the translation can be commissioned to a general linguist or to a translator specialized in a certain field, experienced in working with different types of texts and documents. This can guarantee terminological compliance even in very short deadlines which very frequently do not presuppose sufficient time for subsequent editing of the document. Quality written translation is a guarantee for the success of your business.

Regardless of the form of your event, Congress Engineering can provide professional translators, state-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified staff service. You can rely on our specialists for professional advice and assistance for overall organization.