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Disinfection system


Disinfectant Stand, Grey

– Stable and visually striking construction
– Built-in, height-adjustable pump dispenser
– Sanitise hands’ sticker included
– Available in different colours
– Not a certified medical product

Disinfection system

MS 23 DIS 01 B

Height-Adjustable Disinfectant Stand with Universal Holder, Black

– Universal disinfectant stand & holder with clamp (perfect for 500ml pump bottles)
– Height adjustable up to max. 160cm
– Sturdy, durable design and exceptionally stable base
– Practical mounting slots on the back for direct wall fixing
– Maximum hygiene through easy cleaning of the removable drip tray
– Dimensions bottle holder: inside width 100 mm, inside depth flexibly adjustable from 62- 96 mm
– Holder compatible with SCP710 Super Clamp for fixing to trusses; scaffolding and railings
– VARIWEIGHT® Compatible – patented system for even more stability
– Available in black and white
– Not a medically certified product



Ethasept® Hand Sanitiser – Blocked Stock Hygi-Box, 1 Litre-Bottle

Details at a glance
– Aldehyde- and phenol-free
– Free from perfumes and colourings
– Rapidly effective against all enveloped viruses
– VAH-listed, IHO-listed
– Contains relipidizing agents for soft and supple skin
– Rapid-acting and comprehensively bactericidal, levuricidal
– Excellent skin tolerance