Our Team

Congress Engineering

The cooperation: this is a prerequisite for success as it brings together the knowledge, experience and skills of different people in one place. When everyone contributes the best they can, the result is always remarkable.

Team: A group of people formed on a special occasion, its participants are equally committed to achieving the common goal and work together in constant interdependence in order to fulfill it in the best possible way.

Our Goal is to bring the latest global technologies and best practices to our customers, to look in one direction with them and to create memorable and successful events. To continue our development by expanding our palette of professional services and solutions in order to get as close as possible to our customers and offer them more and more custom-tailored and quality products and services.

Let us be your inspiration!

The success of every company is a collection of the achievements of its staff. We know that only highly motivated and well trained employees can guarantee a high quality of service. Congress Engineering employs talented professionals, highly motivated to achieve high results, with a professional and friendly attitude to customers.

We at Congress Engineering know how important the team is for good results. That is why we strive to create conditions for the personal development and realization of every one of its members. We believe that if people like what they do, they will do better. We also believe that if people are happy with what they are doing, they will make our customers happy.

Tollerance, respect and cooperation are the driving forces in the Congress Engineering family. We are a team of engineers and poets and dreamers, creative designers and gifted artists, audio-video specialists and virtuoso musicians, enterprising merchants and travelers, workaholics and athletes. But we are all human and we value each other’s individuality and dreams. We are the initiators of change and challengers.

We are proud of our team.