Public Address Systems

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The correctly planned sound system is of extreme importance for each conference hall. The correct choice helps to avoid unwanted microphonics, discomfort of the delegates and low sound in the room.  Using of quality sound systems and the correct layout of the loudspeakers in the room is a key factor to achieve comfortable audio environment in the room, clarity of speech and high intelligibility. It is important to bear in mind also who will work with the installed equipment – the systems offered by us are envisaged to work faultlessly, after their initial adjustment, without any need of permanent presence of qualified operator. Once installed, adjusted and tested by a specialist of ours, the equipment will work in the best way, without any need of additional adjustments.

Congress Engineering offers design and mounting of professional conference and background sound of small, medium and big rooms, stores and congress centres.

Amplifiers, Mixers, Loudspeakers, Microphones and Accessories

PA Systems

Mixing Consoles and Audio Amplifiers

Analogue and digital mixing consoles of new generations with wireless remote control and adjustment.


High-class passive loudspeakers, professional active sound systems and Array sound systems.

Full range of Professional Microphones

Professional wired and wireless microphones. Sets of microphones for synchronization of musical instruments and Drum Set kits.

Audio Devices and Accessories

Full set of professional audio devices – professional audio players and devices for high-quality audio recording. Galvanic splitters and stage consoles.