Terms and Conditions

Congress Engineering


Congress Engineering EOOD operates entirely in favour of its customers and partners, offering Complex Care Solutions.

Congress Engineering EOOD accepts all its commissions in writing. The company does not undertake verbal and unconfirmed orders. After the customer/counterpart confirms the agreed offer in writing, this shall be considered as a contract concluded between the parties.

The conditions for rejection on the part of the customer/counterpart are stated in the prepared offer. Regardless of the circumstances, refusing a confirmed offer on the day of the event should be paid in full, irrespective of whether the equipment has been delivered or not.

Every offer states a period of validity. Offers confirmed within less than 7 (seven) days before the commitment carry a 20% overhead of the total sum.

The preparation of an offer requires the customer to provide the following information about the relevant event: date, location, starting and final hours, order of hall, number of participants, number and type of foreign languages, event subject, programme, materials – presentations, reports and other specific requirements as required.

The final price cited in the offer of Congress Engineering EOOD includes rent, mounting/dismantling of technical equipment, technical maintenance, translation and other services, transport services and accommodation costs of staff. Congress Engineering EOOD will supply, mount and test the ordered equipment at least 1 (one) hour before the beginning of the event, except where the offer does not explicitly state another time-limit.

At regular use of the services of Congress Engineering EOOD the company may, at its own discretion, offer conclusion of contractual relations with the customer/counterpart. Such contractual relations may include special discounts or commissioner fees, preferential conditions and priority acceptance of orders.

Congress Engineering EOOD shall retain the right to terminate such relations unilaterally and at its own discretion.

Congress Engineering EOOD services are paid in advance, upon confirmation of the proposed offer, except where the offer/contract does not state otherwise. The rent of equipment and the services provided by Congress Engineering EOOD are paid only by bank transfer to the account of the company in return of issued tax invoice.

The customer/counterpart is obliged to transfer the sum due on time.

Where the payment is delayed for over 5 (five) days, the contracting authority shall owe interest to the amount of the main interest rate + 10 percentage points. Congress Engineering EOOD shall also retain the right to calculate overheads for loss of financial benefits, as well as to terminate unilaterally contractual, preferential and partner relations and conditions.

Any issues and disagreements that may arise shall be settled by direct negotiations in compliance with statutory provisions.

Rental of Technical Equipment

The company works with and offers for rent own personal equipment. The customers and counterparts of Congress Engineering EOOD who have rented equipment from the company are obliged to take good care of the equipment supplied.

Any equipment damaged as a result of irregular action or inaction of the customer/counterpart or the guests thereof, should be restored at the expense of the customer/counterpart at market prices. Any equipment provided for use to the customer/counterpart or the guests thereof that is stolen should be restored at the expense of the customer/counterpart at market prices. Where equipment is provided without technical maintenance on the part of Congress Engineering EOOD, then Congress Engineering EOOD shall not be liable for technical problems or faults of the equipment that may arise. In the cases where the customer has planned a combination with other equipment (not provided by Congress Engineering EOOD), that must be mandatorily handled by a technical specialist responsible for it. Congress Engineering does not work with equipment from other sources, nor does it take any responsibility for such.

Order of Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters are ordered at least one week before the event. An order for interpreters is considered accepted and confirmed if it is not refused within 48 hours before the event. In the case of refusal within this time-limit, 100% of the agreed sum shall be paid.

The following increases of basic prices for work are valid for all interpreting services:

  • over 8 hours a day – 20%
  • weekends and nights between 22:00 pm and 6:00 am – 50%
  • holidays – 100%

Note: The above increases do not pertain to the services of written translation, except where these are provided on the spot.