Presentation equipment


Congress Engineering is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of global leaders in the production of presentation equipment.

When a lecturer is preparing his/her presentation, he/she expects with a good reason its worthy presentation and viewing by the overall audience. The high-quality screens are of extreme importance for the quality of the image of every presentation and special projection. We offer the complete range of projectors with appropriate brightness and suitable resolution.

We offer a rich choice of small, medium and big screens, multimedia projectors with brightness from 3,500 to over 60,000 lumens, exchangeable lens of projectors and video converters, video switches and multiplayers of high resolution, presentation flip charts, lecturer’s and conference desks, time monitoring sets, wireless presenters and accessories.

Projection Screens

Mobile and Stationary

Mobile Projection Screens

High class of mobile projection screens. Professional cloths for front and back projection.
The mobile projection screens provide achievement of a picture of excellent quality with the help of relatively small equipment. The sharpness and clarity of picture are your permanent companions and improve the quality of projection of your slides, videos and pictures. This product is focused on flexibility and individuality.

VARIO System Projection Screens
Variety in use, flexibility and full mobility distinguishes the modular screen from the VARIO system. One basic structure can be used for screens of most different sizes and formats. The respective size of the cloth of the screen and the required parts for extension are all that is needed. Additional central elements allow images of lengths from the order of 25 metres. Professional cloths for front and back projection.

MONOBLOX System Projection Screens
MONOBLOX combines the proved by time system of stabile and reliable profiles with automatically foldable joints that represent one frame. For applications requiring the frame, this system is excellent as it allow easy and extremely quick assembly. The separate parts cannot be lost or mixed up with elements from other screens. That is why MONOBLOX is ideal as rental. Professional cloths for front and back projection.

CURVE System Projection Screens
CURVE is a system of projection screens with non-standard sizes and formats.
Use the completely customized Curve screens for simulation of applications, panoramic projections, museum installations and many others…
Get inspired!

CURVE screen system consists of 64×32 mm folding frame elements. Depending on the individual size and radius of bending, additional frames that guarantee maximum stability of frame are used. The sets are standardized for easy adjustment and comfortable transport. CURVE is usually set on legs, however it could be provided with reinforced points for suspended installations.

Projection Screens on Tripod
The most famous portable projection screens are the screens on tripod. They are known for their stability and endurance during prolonged, intensive use.

Projection screens with integrated control motor

Professional stationary projection screens. Pictures should be big, brilliant and impressive on a good projection screen. When it is not used, the screen should be invisible – a requirement, which is very difficult to meet. Motorized screens offer solution. When the screen is rolled upwards, the bottom end of the screen disappears in the frame, while it levels up with it. The device is a successful combination of high functionality and attractive outer appearance. On the basis of the desire for freedom in planning of projection facilities, we apply the principle to offer screens at the order of the customer, using high quality components and screen cloths, which are produced after individual requirements. It is characterized by aluminum body with very strong screwed steel supports for maximum safety; rolls made of precise steel cylinders that are supported by special high-quality bearings.

We offer projection screens of big sized of up to 900 cm.
Projection 1:1 Square format; Projection 4:3 Video format; Projection 3:2 Photo format; Projection 16:9 HDTV format; Projection 16:10 HDTV format; Projection 3:1 Panoramic format; Projection 2:1 Panoramic format.

INLINE Stationary Projection Screens
Of standard sizes or according to an order, INLINE (screens for permanent installation) ensure style and compactness of your projection screen. They could be motorized screens or screens with spreing mechanism of highest quality, meeting a number of criteria and standarda. The projected images are clear, brilliant and have impact. The INLINE system allows the screen to be automated and easily and quickly folded, when it is not used. Rolled in the body, the screen is preserved and remains protected all the time, when it is not used.

MAGNUM Stationary Projection Screens
They are an optimal solution for the biggest premises. MAGNUM is a large-scale projection screen of electric drive (screens for permanent installation). MAGNUM consists of aluminum and steel structure with high-quality bearings that are made especially for the smooth movement of the cloth, and guaranteed safety. It is manufactured in compliance with DIN19045. The glass-fiber reinforced, light-proof screen material has heat-sealed seams that are invisible during projection.

Stationary Projection Screens

DECOFRAME Stationary Projection Screens
DECOFRAME are high-quality and extremely attractive screens (screens for permanent installation), which are accessible for every graphic format, both for professional and private purposes. DECOFRAME gives elegant and professional outer appearance of your system of home cinema, conference hall or any other permanent installation. DECOFRAME can be of different size according to your choice and supplied with cloth for front and back projections.

FULLWHITE Stationary Projection Screens
In the advanced development of technologies, where there is no place for frames any more, FULLWHITE (a screen for permanent installation) was created. Invisible technology and clean minimal design, this projection screen can easily be fitted in any optic scenery. The invisible mounting, the high level of stability and flexibility are proved.

Multimedia Projectors

Projectors, accessories, consumables

NEC Multimedia Projectors

Multimedia projectors of high brightness and resolution.

Multimedia Projectors Lens

Exchangeable lens for multimedia projectors.

Multimedia Projectors Lamps

Lamps for multimedia projectors, delivery, replacement and service. Congress Engineering offers lamps for more than 10,000 models of multimedia projectors!

Flip Charts, Desks, Accessories

Presentation Equipment

Flip Charts and Desks
Presentation flip charts and magnetic whiteboards. Lecturer’s desks and tailor-made conference desks with built-in monitors.

Professional Stands
Professional stands for multimedia projectors and laptops. Adjustable stands for presentation monitors and television sets.

Presentation Accessories and Equipment
Systems for accounting and monitoring the time of the report. Wireless lecturer’s presenters and laser pointers. Video switches and splitters.