Congress Engineering

Short presentation of the company with a focus on key elements of conference and event business:

КОНГРЕС ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ ЕООД е официален дистрибутор/представител за България на редица доказани специализирани европейски производители, световни лидери в областта на професионалните решения за конферентно оборудване

Оборудване на конферентни зали в конгресни центрове и хотели.
  • професионална конферентна техника и оборудване
  • дискусионни микрофонни системи
  • системи за симултанен превод
  • мултимедийни проектори и видео стени
  • безжични системи за гласуване
  • мобилни екрани и екрани за стационарен монтаж
  • аудио-видео апаратури
  • видео прожектори
  • конферентни с сценични озвучавания
  • фонови озвучителни системи за хотели, бизнес сгради и конферентни центрове
  • конферентно обзавеждане, конферентни маси, столове и катедри.

Congress Engineering has provided equipment for many locations in the country and abroad,supplying conference equipment, simultaneous translation equipment, discussion microphone systems, PA systems, video- and presentation equipment, conference furniture.

Предлагаме изготвяне на цялостни проекти за комплексно оборудване:
  • извършване на предварителен оглед и професионална консултация
  • изготвяне на технически задания и проекти на база архитектурен план и крайна цел на клиента
  • представяне на количествено-стойностна спецификация на необходимото оборудване
  • обобщено ценово предложение
  • доставка на поръчаната апаратура и системи
  • професионален монтаж и прецизна настройка на поръчаната апаратура и системи
  • провеждане на обучение на персонал за безопасна и ефикасна работа със закупеното оборудване
  • доставка на висококачествено конферентно обзавеждане: сгъваеми конферентни маси, презентационни катедри, декорация и професионални конферентни столове и решения
  • сервиз за гаранционно и извънгаранционно обслужване на пълната гама професионална техника и оборудване.
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Offices and Warehouses

Congress Engineering

Congress Engineering has two official offices in the two largest cities in Bulgaria, as well at key locations in this country and the region.

Head Office – WTC INTERPRED, Sofia

Sofia 1040, 36 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.
Phone: +359 2 963 29 55
Fax: +359 2 99 33 744

Office Plovdiv – Maritza BC

Plovdiv 4000, 91 Maritsa Blvd., office 20
Phone: +359 32 941 682
Fax: +359 32 941 683

Varna, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 963 29 55
Fax: +359 2 99 33 744
Mobile: +359 885 82 44 46

Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: +359 2 963 29 55
Fax: +359 2 99 33 744
Mobile: +359 885 82 44 46


Congress Engineering

Congress Engineering is a leading company on the Bulgarian market, offering the full range of professional technical equipment for conference events and events of varied nature.

TRansport and Logistics

Congress Engineering

Congress Engineering has its own fleet and qualified professional drivers. The available company transport allows simultaneous servicing of many events in Sofia and Bulgaria.

Let us be your inspiration!


Congress Engineering

Congress Engineering has highly motivated and well-trained employees who can guarantee a high quality of service.

The people who work at the Company are talented professionals who have undergone thorough training to work effectively with the systems and equipment they offer.

As an official representative of manufacturers of professional equipment, our colleagues often attend specialized trainings abroad.

Our specialists have repeatedly exchanged experience not only in Europe, but also in China, the United States and the UAE.

The colleagues in our offices are highly motivated to achieve high results with a friendly and professional attitude to customers. They are always available to listen to the customer and to understand his ideas, to offer the most appropriate and optimized solution to ensure the success of the venture, standing proudly behind their ideas and suggestions.

Our colleagues are your friends …

Official Representative of

Since 1886, the Bosch Group has been offering global innovative solutions and high-quality communications, security and safety products with over 3,000 patent applications per year. A preferred EU conference equipment company specializing in equipping large and small premises with simultaneous translation equipment, discussion systems, sound and signaling equipment, complying with European standards and technical requirements worldwide.

A highly specialized company with leading experience in the field of conference technology. The company focuses on the quality and reliability of products with proven durability. Stemin produces its products, systems for simultaneous interpretation and discussion systems, in Germany.

Televic develops, manufactures and installs top-class high-end communication systems for specific niche markets. To achieve its success, the group is divided into several independent companies that focus on a specific market: passenger information systems; healthcare communication systems; conference systems for large premises; multimedia and e-learning solutions for staff training and educational institutions; audio-visual installations. The company creates added value for the customer by developing customized solutions and by continually updating the technology.

Audipack is a Dutch company representing professional solutions for the audio-visual industry. Preferred EU company specializing in the production of high-quality sound-proof translation booths, professional stands for flat monitors and TVs, transport cases, presentation chairs, automatic systems for building communication and conference systems.

J.P’emBall is the EU’s leading French company developing over 50 years of professional solutions in the field of protective cases for transport and storage of professional equipment, precision equipment and industrial systems. The company offers high-quality simultaneous translation booths with an extremely high level of sound insulation that meets EU requirements and meets world standards. The products are characterized by quality and functionality.

AVstumpfl is an Austrian family-owned company specializing in the production of screens and special screening systems. The company is a leader in the field of complete equipment of conference halls, exhibition centers, cinemas and theaters, public places and open spaces with high-quality mobile projection screens and stationary screens. The company relies entirely on quality and reliability in the design and implementation of innovative solutions for the highest clarity and cleanliness of the image.

A Dutch company specializing in the development of professional hardware and software for interactive wireless voting. IVS voting systems are licensed and certified around the world. The company creates a way to interact with the audience by turning it from a passive listener into an active participant in the presentation.

With over 30 years of innovation, design and manufacturing experience, Studio Due (Italy) is the most modern company offering effective lighting solutions. Through constant research and innovation, as well as the use of the highest quality materials, the company has established an international reputation as one of the market leaders in the field of professional stage and architectural lighting. The company’s product range has a wide selection of innovative LED mobile lighting fixtures, effective outdoor lighting, effects and controllers.

Currently, NEC is the world leader in the production of high quality multimedia projectors and professional displays. The main objective of the new company, expressed in the slogan “better products, better service”. The Japanese giant has the high quality of its products over a number of manufacturers around the world. Today, NEC offers the most reliable video wall monitors and the most reliable, time proven, multi-media projectors.

Ligra is an Italian company that has combined in its product catalog a rich set of professional presentation and interactive training systems, projection screens, flipcharts and whiteboards, stands for multimedia projectors and laptops, control and video presentation equipment, special materials to achieve of holographic images and visuals, presentation accessories and aids. The company has more than 40 years of experience and outstanding reliability.

Foreign Partners

Congress Engineering

As a direct representative of many European and American companies, leaders in the production of professional conference equipment, the company has the ongoing support and assistance of its partners.

Congress Engineering is a loyal partner and proven fairplay player, allowing us to rely on companies with similar activities across borders.

Not on one occasion have we provided specialists and equipment to our colleagues in Europe to cover specific grandiose events. A reciprocal attitude enables our company to be stable, flexible, independent, and immune to unfair competition.

The Customer is most important to us and his wishes will become a reality, regardless of their scope and specifics.