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Congress Engineering

Leader in Complex Conference Solutions

Organization of Conferences and Events Rental and Sale of Conference Equipment Design and Equipment of Conference Halls Translators for Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Conference Décor, Impressive Lighting and Furniture Stage Design and 3D Visualization. . .


The history of Congress Engineering goes right back to 2002. Initially, the company offered a full range of professional equipment for technical logistics of conference events. With time and with the accumulation of experience, Congress Engineering gradually expanded the scope of its services. Today, it is capable of covering the entire range of event organisation.

Partner in Technical Servicing of Conference Events

When it is a matter of organizing and technical logistics of large-scale conference events, Congress Engineering is the natural choice of all deluxe hotels and leading tour operator, translation and PR agencies in Bulgaria. The company quickly became an ideal combination of high-tech, style and professionalism in the rental sector. After the rental services covered the large cities in the country, Congress Engineering proved it has the capacity to undertake commitments abroad. A series of events were organized in Hungary, Romania and Macedonia.

Translation Services

Congress Engineering provides not only high-tech and professional translation systems, but also the best translation services. The company provides its customers and counterparts with the most sought-after translators for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in over 20 different languages. We select the professional translators we work with, according to the subject-matter of the relevant event.

Main Sales Representative of Leaders in the Sector

The rapid development of conference tourism naturally led to a jump in conference equipment and system sales. In this dynamic market, good contacts with international companies are a decisive factor for progress. In its capacity of official representative of a number of world leaders in the industry, Congress Engineering is able to offer unmatched prices corresponding to the high quality received. The company has specialized design and trade departments responsible for the design, sale and delivery of conference equipment.

Service and Development

A new service department for audio and video equipment and specialized equipment was opened stepping on the considerable technical capacity of the company. Tailor-made electronic devices and systems are developed and produced.

Stage Design and Decoration

An event is much more than a group of people gathered together – it is, above all, an experience. The Congress Engineering team can provide our customers with these unforgettable memories. The company offers besides perfect technical support and impressive stage design and decoration. Congress Engineering is committed to all elements of an event – design, construction and installation of stage props, installation of screens and monitors, combinations with effective lighting and non-standard materials and specific forms, prepress and preparation of vinyls and volumetric elements. And to make sure that a customer gets exactly what he wants, we also create a special photorealistic 3D spatial project of the upcoming event.

Transport and Logistics

Providing safe and reliable transport is one of the main conditions for a successful event. Congress Engineering has a company transport service that allows catering to the needs of events of various scope. Rental of different luxurious cars isone of the services offered by the company.

Ultimate Commitment

“To ensure a job is done well, do it yourself,” is a popular phrase in which the Congress Engineering teams firmly believes. That is why we offer our customers comprehensive organisation of their event. We undertake a project from the origin of the idea to the smallest detail in decoration. The company offers an entire range – from choice of hall to renting professional technical equipment, stage design setup, selection of professional translators (both for oral and written translation), design and preprint of online marketing materials, such as well as the sale, supply and installation of state-of-the art equipment.

The responsibility of a leading company in the industry increases our sensitivity to the smallest details and desires of our customers.

Congress Engineering constantly strives to raise its professional service criteria by offering more and more comprehensive services in the field of complex conference solutions.


The mission of Congress Engineering is to bring the latest global technologies and best practices to its customers by offering them individual and optimal solutions.


To continue our development by expanding the palette of professional services and solutions that gravitate around our core business in order to be as close to our customers as possible and to offer ever more personalized and better products and services.


What stands behind the name of Congress Engineering is shown by the values that have led the company over the years. They have been tested in our history and have become a standard of work and individual perception. Every employee of the company maintains its authority and assists in the development of our qualities which we want to keep in the future.

We value our staff… We believe that people are a very important touch in the composition of any professional solution. We select our employees prudently and with care, valuing the individual goals and views of every colleague. We talk to each other, listen to and consider different understandings and we take them into account. Thus we make the company a mechanism driven by all of us in the direction we have chosen.

Flexibility… Our company is completely independent. We work with experienced and trusted partners in Bulgaria and abroad, ones on which we can count at any moment. The technical equipment and human and logistics resources are wholly owned by and available to the company. All this makes us flexible in any situation and ready with a wide range of options and solutions.

Tailor-Made Solution… Every solution we offer is tailored to the needs and ideas of the customer. It is important for us to understand what the person accross sees us and what effect he wants to achieve.

Professionalism… To us, offering complex solutions and high-quality technologies offering maximized results and optimization is a matter of professional attitude.

Correctness… Congress Engineering is a honest and respected business partner. The longstanding successful partnership of the company with numerous leading companies in the industry proves our correct and responsible approach.

We are inspired by Challenges… Challenges are the ladder to success and have created the world as we know it today. Challenges have provided the opportunity to everyone to prove themselves and find better and more successful decisions. We face every new venture and inspiration, and look ahead at the challenges and prospects we face.

Clarity and transparency… We do things in a way that you, knowing exactly what you need, get exactly that from us.

Innovations… Employees of our company constantly monitor the world business development. We transform the latest and most successful global technologies and solutions into complete products tailored to the needs and capacity of the Bulgarian market.

Personal attitude… Our employees always approach each customer and counterpart with attention and personal attitude. The person with whom we work and the person as such is important to us.

Responsibility and perseverance… We fulfill our commitments as agreed in advance. Our employees are always available for assistance. The development of our company is the result of perseverance and hard work, unwavering uncompromising attitudes towards quality and persistence in our positions and understanding.