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Dynamics in development. Consistency of objectives and priorities.

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The company Congress Engineering is established with a clear goal but an unclear future …

2002 -


The company demonstrates a professional approach and responsibility. For the first time, world quality modern equipment is used on the Bulgarian market. The professional translation systems manufactured by world leaders in the field are already available to the resourceful and enterprising event organizers in Bulgaria.

2003 -


Congress Engineering signs a number of technical service contracts with leading travel companies, PR and translations agencies, hotels and event centres.

2004 -


Thanks to professional mobile systems and own transport, Congress Engineering manages to develop congress tourism in many destinations outside the capital. Small settlements and remote cities, summer and winter resorts, and locations with a growing business open new opportunities for popularization and development.

2005 -


The company caters to many conference event, turning Sofia into a popular destination as a host of world-class events and guests from Europe and the world.

2006 -


Congress Engineering makes its first breakthrough abroad together with its partners from Macedonia. Ohrid hosts the first in the region and uniquely complicated international NATO conference – with 26 booths for simultaneous interpreting in three main halls. In the following years, company representatives execute the commissions and provide the technical logistics at a series of events in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Macedonia, and Albania, and exchange experience in St. Louis/USA, Hong Kong/China …

2007 -


Representatives of the company attend the world professional equipment ProLight + Sound fair in Frankfurt, Germany. This marks the beginning of Congress Engineering’s regular participation in the largest international professional equipment fairs in Frankfurt, Ansterdam, London, Las Vegas, as well as events in China and Russia. Our specialists regardly participate in international training courses and distributor meetings where they exchange experience with their colleagues.

2008 -


Congress Engineering is the first in Bulgaria to offer a system for special panoramic projection and 3D mapping. Extreme Media Server (EMS) is used to project a 12 m panoramic screen for the first time in Bulgaria. Thus Bulgaria is able to welcome за пръв luminaries in dentistry and the Bulgarian specialists in the field to attend a series of special panoramic presentations.

2008 -


The company’s partner network expands considerably. Congress Engineering undertakes annual training of partner company marketing departments, acquainting their staff with the technical innovations and the latest in event business offered by the company.

2009 -


Congress Engineering is already an official representative for Bulgaria of a number of European companies, leaders in the production of professional conference equipment, systems and appliances. The company offers on the Bulgarian market digital systems of BOSCH Security Systems, Germany; high-quality screens of Austrian leader AVstumpfl; the first certified wireless voting systems of the Dutch company IVS; uncompromising quality products and professional simultaneous interpretation booths conforming to ISO 4043 from Audipack, the Nether;ands, as well as other proven in time technologies and equipment.

2010 -


The company already has over 10,000 events and many conferences of international importance behind its back. Heads of state and top politicians and public figures from Europe, the USA and the world, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff and Umberto Eco have personally trusted Congress Engineering specialists.

2011 -


The opportunities in the field of translation services increase, providing simultaneous interpretation in 12 working languages for events of any rank and scope. The international presentation of The Coca Cola Company is brilliant thanks to the systems and professional translators provided.

2011 -


Congress Engineering celebrates its 10th anniversary. The company dedicated the event to the harmonious combination of high-tech and art. With high party spirits, Congress Engineering celebrated its success with colleagues, partners and friends among whom representatives of business, of PR, travel and advertisement agencies, government and non-governmental organisations, representatives of the most luxurious hotels in the country and colleagues from abroad. By affirming the connection between business and art the representatives of the company shared their success formula: a combination of perseverance and commitment, inspiration and hard work, precision and attention to every detail.

2012 -


The National Palace of Culture hosts the 51st Annual Meeting of the World Association of Computational Linguistics. The large-scale event is attended by 1,500 delegates. Congress Engineering provides technical support with simultaneous interpretation systems, video equipment, stage design and decoration.

2013 -


For several years, Congress Engineering has been offering the unique service of “SEE YOUR TOMORROW EVENT TODAY”. This acquaints the customers with a detailed design of the event which they will organise. A visual presentation of the ideas and the design is presented, supported with drawings and photorealistic spatial 3D projects. The company publishes a luxurious brochure featuring some already implemented projects of events with special design and arrangement.

2014 -


Congress Engineering successfully popularizes professional wireless voting systems on the Bulgarian market. To date, the company has provided the technical logistics of a number of voting venues of various character and delegate number. After such systems were rented only for polling opinions at medical and pharmaceutical events for years, the anonymity and correct results we provide began to be relied upon by customers of varied profile, including the Notary Chamber of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Dental Association, CEZ AD, the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria, universities, medical establishments and organisations. The systems offered by Congress Engineering are with guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality. Shares amounting to millions of euro were voted with their help, persons were elected to top and responsible positions without manipulations, and they were even used in TV formats.

2014 -


Sales of professional equipment have risen considerably in recent years. Congress Engineering is the representative and direct importer of selected proven European manufacturers, world leaders specialized in the production of professional conference equipment. The company has a trained team of specialists, installers and designers. Its sales department has achieved enviable results with numerous successful projects at ministries and judicial institutions, hotels and training halls, congress centres and state press clubs, a number of municipal halls and military units… Thanks to the fact that it operates professionally and understands the needs of its customers, Congress Engineering also concluded a number of transactions abroad involving sale of technical equipment on several continents.

2015 -


To us every year is a new challenge and an acknowledged achievement!

2016 -