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It becomes more and more difficult today, in the state-of-the art technologies and high speeds, for a man to remain long at one and the same place. However, this does not mean that the important events should be missed!

The online real-time broadcast of your event has never been easier.
Video streaming of your event.
It should not be complicated and expensive anymore! Select this service in the way you choose a microphone.
Congress Engineering offers now extremely accessible and easy live streaming of your event in the Internet.

In seconds, Your event will reach everybody who was not able to be present on site. Our enhanced platform will offer its easy viewing on any desktop computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet, smart TV set…

What Do You Receive
We offer you quick and easy choice among preliminary prepared packages of equipment and services covering a range from the most economic to the widest aspect of your desires and the most necessary so that Your event reaches a one-click distance from everybody who wants to be part of it.

Не е необходимо да се ангажирате с преговори и оферти от различни доставчици на услуги и сложна техника. Конгрес Инженеринг предлага комплексна услуга, включваща всичко необходимо вашето събитие да бъде видяно, да бъде впечатляващо, успешно и запомнящо се.

Live Streaming and Services:

  • Preliminary tests to calm you down that everything is in the way you expect
  • Possibility for easy choice from preliminary prepared packages of equipment and services
  • 100% compatibility and faultless work of the system with the accompanying professional equipment provided by us – synchronization, translation system, laptops, screens, etc.
  • Technical person present at the event
  • Video recording
  • Audio distribution of the simultaneous translation
  • Broadcast with one or more cameras and video mixing
  • Possibility to watch the event on mobile device
  • Insertion of HTML iframe
  • Possibility for unlimited number of users
  • Feeding of video signal from the laptop of the lecturer
  • Customization of the site pf the video content (addition of logo, picture, text and contacts)
  • Restriction of viewers outside Bulgaria
  • Transfer of statistical data for online interest to event
  • Online video archive of the event

Video Streaming

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Let You customers, counterparts and friends cry out Wow! when watching online.