Wireless Voting Systems


Wireless Interactive Voting Systems

The voting system become even more popular and used often at conference events of different nature; presentations of medical and pharmaceutical products; shareholders’ and general meetings; meetings to hear reports, congresses and elections of meetings; voting of statutes of associations and unions. The reason is that they are the perfect way for quick visualization of the position of a particular audience under specified circumstances. There is a tendency the voting systems to be used also in case of entertainment events, test solutions, by political parties, TV games and quizzes.

In the case of the interactive system for wireless voting, there are no restrictions about the way the questions to the participants are organized. The system offers easy integration with Power Point. In order to display the results, the Interactive voting system can be combined with different monitors, video walls and multimedia projectors with mobile screens.

The wireless voting system IVS serves up to 4,000 participants

The voting system enables the organization of interactive presentations in order to study the opinion of our audience. This is the better way of contact between the presenter and the audience. The participants in the event can answer the questions asked by the presenter. An active connection between the presenter and the participants is received rather than passive collection of information. The interactive wireless voting system is a certified system with preserved anonymity of the vote and protection against disturbances and external interventions.